Qualitative Longitudinal Methods: Research Design – A research methods training day

Organised by the NCRM and University of Leeds

Qualitative Longitudinal (QL) methods are used to reveal how change is created, lived and experienced, particularly in policy and organisational contexts where individuals are required to change their behaviour, or where change processes in policy or practice environments need to be evaluated and better understood. QL research also creates a useful bridge between theoretical studies of time and more empirically driven life course and longitudinal studies.

This methods training day has been designed to provide high quality training in Qualitative Longitudinal methods for both early career researchers and those new to these methods. Practical issues of generating and managing data using QL methods will be covered, and examples will be given of the rich variety of ways in which time can be embedded in social enquiry, and how it can be utilised as both a conceptual category and methodological strategy. Through a choice of linked practical sessions, participants can engage with in depth practical aspects of research from design through to practical tools which can be used in the research process.

Contact details:
Jacqui Thorp
Training Administrator
National Centre for Research methods
University of Southampton
NCRM Course code: NCRM3850