Students and Higher Education: Student Day- and Night-Time Cultures Event

  • Date: Wednesday 25 February 2015
  • Time: 4.00– 7.00 pm
  • Location: Libertine Café/Bar, Blenheim Terrace
  • Categories:

This event explores ‘Student Night-time Cultures’ in relation to how students experience their campus from day-time to night-time. Of interest is how student night-time cultures contribute to students’ sense of safety, use of space, student-student interaction and student emotional wellbeing. This event is timely in light of the recent 16-day ‘Reclaim Your Campus’ campaign (NUS, Nov. 25th -Dec. 10th) and commentators call to tackle increased laddism, sexism and violence across university campuses.

This event is hosted by Care-Connect and FLaG, and brings together academics from 4 Schools including: Sociology and Social Policy, Politics and International Studies, Healthcare, and, Performance and Cultural Industries. This consultation project works closely with the Student Advice Centre, the University of Leeds, West Yorkshire Police, SARVSL and Victim Support to exchange knowledge and practice so as to better understand students’ campus experiences; raise students’ awareness of safety, health and wellbeing matters; and provide student support that works.

The event consists of holding ten 30 minute focus group discussions and activities with 40 current students from across campus followed by 10 one-to-one interviews. These activities map students’ experiences of:

  • students night-time cultures;
  • (un)safe campus spaces;
  • students’ interactions, behaviours and networks; and,
  • students’ knowledge of welfare provision and support.