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Work in Progress workshop Fri 28th April

Friday 28 April 2023, 12 - 1pm

Alex Chelegeer:  Writing a PhD thesis on an ethnic minority cohort

I would like to share how I wrote my thesis, the methodology choice and ways of arranging literature and data. I would also like to provide detailed discussions on one of my empirical chapters regarding the education of ethnic minorities. I intend to present how I combine biographic stories that I have collected with existing frameworks and challenge and contribute to others’ theories.

 Prof. Nick Emmel: Why values matter, an investigation of sense of belonging among university students

In this research paper we report findings from a survey with taught students on sense of belonging at a Russell Group university in the United Kingdom. Previous investigations prompt consideration of intersubjective, dynamic and evaluative projects of students that account for the culture and structures of higher education. The findings from this survey (n=440/375) emphasise having the right educational skills, feeling valued in networks and a knowingness about being a student. We also find social justice is central to students’ definitions of sense of belonging: the shared social justice of communities with similar values and the responsibility of the institution to regulate social justice. We identify active discrimination against protected characteristics and groups who feel discriminated against yet for whom there is no empirical evidence of discrimination. These experiences of discrimination frame sense of belonging too.

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