BSA conference this week

BSA 70th Anniversary Virtual Conference

We are pleased to share that members of FLaG will be presenting their research at this year’s British Sociological Association 70th Anniversary Conference (13th-15th April). The theme for the virtual conference, ‘Remaking the Future’, is very relevant to many of the research projects taking place across the FLaG research centre (Read more about ‘FLaG Futures Research’: See the list of paper titles below.

Professor Sarah Irwin and Dr. Katy Wright: The climate crisis: public perceptions, values and practice

Dr Daniel Edmiston: Plumbing the Depths: The changing socio-demographic profile of poverty and why this matters in the wake of COVID-19

 Dr Sharon Elley, will be presenting with colleagues from the Uni of Sheffield Karen Cuthbert and Joe Hall: Sex, gender and sexuality: Understandings and re-imaginings in the talk of young people

 Chong Liu (PGR), “School types and institutional stratification: The youth experiences with sexuality education through schooling in China”; and “Researching sensitive topics with working class youth in urban China: reflections on social distances in doing fieldwork” (with Jingyu Mao, University of Edinburgh)

Emma Hyde (PGR) A sense of what’s possible: subjective orientations to the future amongst UK young adults living with parents

 Ian Sullivan (PGR) ‘Community and climate: building back better’

 Linzi Ladlow (PGR) will also be presenting with the ‘Following Young Fathers Further’ team:

Exploring the intersectional and intergenerational impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic on young fathers and the organisations who support them (Anna Tarrant, Linzi Ladlow, Laura Way, University of Lincoln)

Read the full BSA Conference Programme here: