Young people, skills and prospects conference presentations

The conference Young people, skills and prospects in employment: policy, practice and inclusiveness focused on increasing concerns about skills shortages and worsening job prospects for many young people, and the ways multiple interventions seek to improve young people’s pathways from school and college into employment, raise skill levels and promote inclusive growth. It brought national and city expertise and evidence, and explored a range of approaches which seek to enhance young people’s pathways, skills and prospects.

Download presentations from the conference using the links below:

From learning to earning – structural and policy issues
Professor Ewart Keep (University of Oxford)

Young people and meeting the skills needs in the labour market
Andrea Cowans (Director of Student Life, Leeds City College)

Leeds labour market, skills in context and young people’s prospects
Peter Glover (Leeds City Region Enterprise Partnership)

Employer perspectives on training, education and youth skills: can policy and practice be more joined up?
Mark Goldstone (Head of Policy, West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce)

Soft skills: how much are they a product of employment contexts?
Professor Irena Grugulis (University of Leeds)

Apprenticeships and the Levy: institutional constraints on take-up
Dr. Jo Ingold (University of Leeds)

Young people at the margins: social inclusion and skills policies across the UK
Prof. Sue Maguire (University of Bath)

Inclusive growth, employment and skills strategies in practice : Supporting young people at the margins in Leeds
Sue Wynne (Head Employment and Skills Leeds City Council)