Youth and Widening Participation: Building a Connected Community

FLaG and Educational Engagement are currently bringing together researchers, professionals and academics interested in developing a network and forum for communicating, sharing and exchanging excellent research, policy and professional practice about youth, young people and widening participation.

Supported by the Care-Connect ‘Knowledge Exchange Scheme’, we are holding events in 2015 to explore the shifting widening participation landscape and youth issues with a focus on: 1) bridging the academic-practitioner gap both within and beyond the University of Leeds; 2) meeting the new demands for robust accounting, measuring quality and evaluation of research, activities and services; and, 3) charting the student ‘life-cycle’, supporting student access, transitions, and retention; as well as student ‘successes’.

Please contact Dr. Sharon Elley if you would like further information at: or Liz Hurley at: