On Time. Engaging with questions of time and temporality in social research

  • Date:
  • Time: 10 - 12
  • Location: Zoom

Presentation slides

The presentation slides from this workshop are now available here:

View Dr Kahryn Hughes' presentation slides View Postgraduate Researchers' presentation slides
  • Postgraduate Researchers presented on the following themes:
    • Transformations: Sex education in China, German integration politics
    • Covid-19 – A critical moment? Youth and family
    • Imagined futures: Transitions to ‘adulthood’

Workshop information

A PGR workshop led by Dr Kahryn Hughes, an internationally recognised scholar in the field of qualitative secondary analysis and a Senior Fellow of the National Centre for Research Methods (NCRM). This workshop forms part of our new FUTURES research theme. 

In this virtual workshop, Dr Kahryn Hughes will discuss how questions of time and temporality have informed her work.

Drawing on a range of research studies, Kahryn will talk through how questions of time have offered new analytic directions and shaped her sociological thinking. The seminar will open onto question about how we engage with time and temporality in our conceptualization and methods. Professor Sarah Irwin will act as a discussant.

Presentations by PGRs will highlight questions of time in the pandemic research context, and how time and temporality might inform or push their thinking in new ways. There will be opportunity to consider how the ideas that emerge from discussions might apply to our own work or influence our own direction of travel.

This event is primarily of interest to social science PhD students across all faculties although others, including academics and Masters students are very welcome.

If you wish to join the event please email Karen Tatham: edu1kjt@leeds.ac.uk