Researching poverty in young lives: a panel discussion (SSP Seminar)

FLaG is hosting the SSP seminar on 6th November 2019:

Researching poverty in young lives: a panel discussion 3 presentations:

 A different take: participatory research with children, young people and parents with experience of poverty.  Dr. Gill Main (Education)

People living in poverty are overwhelmingly excluded from debates around causes, consequences, and policy – and this is doubly true for children and young people who are excluded not only because of their socioeconomic status but also because of their age and the consequent assumptions made about competence and knowledge. ‘A Different Take’ is a research project which provided an opportunity for young people to be heard, and has resulted in policy and practice changes within partner organisations as well as ongoing discussions of how we think, talk and act in relation to poverty.

NEET pathways and support: from a crisis point to a turning point? Dean Hanley (SSP)

What problems lead to young people disengaging from work, education or training? What barriers stand in the way of them re-engaging and how successfully are support services helping them overcome those barriers? The presentation offers insights from a locale based research study undertaken in partnership with Young Lives Leeds for an MSc Applied Project.

Walking the tightrope? Ontological security and the precarious housing pathways of disadvantaged young parents  Linzi Ladlow (SSP)

This presentation is based on doctoral research tracking young parents’ housing pathways and support needs over time. Disadvantaged young parents have limited choices and constrained agency in relation to housing. While many young parents are able to access social housing and attain a level of security through this tenure, they can become trapped in a house that is unsuitable. These young parents are seemingly walking a tightrope rather than climbing a housing ladder.