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Public views and the climate crisis: values, practices and policy change

The climate and ecological crisis is a defining issue of our time. An array of research points to a breadth and depth of public concern, as well as identifying substantive and explanatory puzzles relating to the scope for effecting meaningful change. However there is relatively little sociological evidence on public values and engagement as relevant to low carbon transitions. This research project is investigating perceptions, subjective orientations, values and moral reasoning. It includes a new, Leeds wide, survey and linked semi-structured interviews with members of the public.

A short summary of findings from our survey is available here

Building on our survey evidence of the varied and nuanced ways in which people think about carbon emissions and climate change in relation to their everyday lives, we ran a participatory workshop with research participants and a range of other city stakeholders including Leeds City Council. We wanted to ask: how might engaging people with ‘what matters’ in their everyday lives be mobilised in support of climate friendly policy and decision making?

A report from our workshop, and the presentation slide are available here

Prof. Sarah Irwin is leading the project, with Dr. Katy Wright (SSP) and Dr. Katy Roelich (Faculty of Environment).